Finding Happiness Again

When a partner is stricken with a severe illness, life can take a turn for the worst. The partners may not know how to cope with the situation, and they could stumble along until they can reach an accommodation. Some couples are able to do it gracefully, but many find they are experiencing inner turmoil. They need to find someone to talk with, and that can help them adjust to their new life situation. Finding happiness again is possible, but they need to be honest and open to it.

Living with a partner with a disability may be easier if they have had it all along, but life seldom turns out that way. A person might be healthy and athletic, but being suddenly hit with a debilitating illness can change them physically, mentally, and emotionally. Their partner will need to cope with all three facets of their life change, and they will need to learn how to deal with their own thoughts and feelings. It can be a mixed bag that is loaded with guilt for both of them.

The lack of ease in movement or other restrictions could hamper a person’s ability to feel good about life, and depression could be a consequence. They might take out their bad feelings on their partner, and learning to cope with that alone may damage a relationship. Getting professional help to deal with the emotional component of an illness of disability could save the relationship so the couple can move on with their lives in a better fashion.

Life is not always a smooth progression forward, and partners do expect they will have hurdles to get over. Supporting each other in times of need is an expectation of many, but there are times when it can be overwhelming. For those suddenly unhappy with life due to a partner’s illness or disability, getting help to sort through the issues is a possible pathway to happiness as a couple.