New Depths of Love

Couples forced by medical circumstances to make major life changes can be resentful, but others find their relationship has grown stronger. It may be that the person each of them considered strongest in the relationship has a broken body, but their partner stepped up magnificently. For other couples, it could be that their time together has increased dramatically. Learning to appreciate what they found together years ago could be a wonderful voyage of rediscovery for both of them. No matter what the course of the illness or condition of each of them, finding the ember of their love can make the situation easier for both of them.

Communication is a key element in any good relationship, but it can be lost when couples have busy lives. They might not notice at first they are drifting away from each other, but a catastrophic illness could hit home forcefully. As long as they can now communicate, they could have a good chance to salvage their relationship. Being forced to give up their outside concerns and concentrate on being a caregiver and a person being cared for could draw them back to where they began.

Helping another person achieve even a small goal can enhance any relationship, and those with severe medical issues often need a great deal of assistance. Learning to walk again after a debilitating injury could give the couple the opportunity to help each other through the disaster. Watching a partner take those first few steps on their own could provide satisfaction and happiness for both of them.

Not all relationships will survive a devastating illness of injury, but those that do often see couples with tight bonds between them. They might have been barely holding on to each other as their new journey began, but learning how to live their new lifestyle and overcome the challenges could give their relationship new strength and durability.