The Care Giver

A large part of any long term relationship is the giving of time and effort to each other, but the onset of an illness can force one person into the role of a taker all the time. The care giver is the healthy one, but they must be very strong to combat the daily routine that can dull the shine of their relationship. It might be an endless struggle, but their ability to hold up can often come through on even the darkest days.

Continually caring for a disabled partner can take a large toll on a person and their relationship, so it is important for the spouse to remember their own needs. Asking a friend or relative to sit with their partner for a few hours of relief could help them bolster their strength for a new day, or they might hire a professional to relieve some of their burden. Their role is to care for their partner, but they must also care for their own needs if they are going to continue giving all their support.