The Darkness of Disability

Health is often something people take for granted, but it can change in an instant. They might enjoy taking daily walks together, yet these could end when one of them has an unexpected medical condition suddenly appear. Their lives will be turned upside down, and the happiness they are used to sharing could turn into the darkness of disability as the days progress. It is not what any couple really imagines when they begin their lives together, but it has become a reality for some.

For those who have a spouse with an illness, relief is often far away. Their daily routine becomes a cycle of caring for their partner’s needs, and they are usually too tired to even think of their own. It can become a depressive situation when there is little or no help for the caregiver, and only their love and sense of duty will hold them in place.

It might appear that there is no happiness to be found in this situation, but humans have always exhibited an ability to adapt to almost any situation. Couples dealing with a long term illness might find happiness in other ways. Those who enjoyed daily walks in the park might find that sitting in their own garden for an hour of peaceful companionship has replaced them, or they might concentrate on creating fabulous meals in their own kitchen. For couples who have spent years running through life with little time together, it might even become a blessing to share more moments than they thought possible. These are substitutions, but they are welcome diversions from the troubles that beset the pair.

It can be a long road when a partner is struck down physically, but many couples have found ways to recreate their relationship. The settings and activities might change radically, but their love for each other can still remain strong.